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Never Purchase Reservations from 3rd Party Sellers

Our Terms and Conditions have always stated that unauthorized transactions or transferring of customer rights are not allowed. To remove all doubt, no 3rd parties are authorized to sell, transfer, or otherwise provide access to any Mount Kidd RV Park reservation. All reservations must be purchased via this system online, or in-person at our front-desk.

We reserve the right to cancel any unauthorized or transferred transaction/reservation without refund nor compensation. As per the Terms and Conditions of this service, we also reserve the right to seek damages from any and all parties involved in such unauthorized or transferred transactions/reservations.

Reservation Rates

First R.V. Unit or Tent Charge per night
Water, Electricity & Sewer: $53.40
Water & Electricity: $47.85
Electricity Only: $45.60
No Hook-up: $36.15
New Booking Fee:
All reservations are subject to a non-refundable booking fee per site.
New Change Fee:
All reservation changes are subject to a non-refundable change fee per change per site changed.
Taxes Added:
All reservations are subject to 5% GST tax to be added to the nightly camping charge.

*10% discount is given to all senior citizens (65 years and older) upon arrival with valid ID.

Reservation Rules

  1. Reservations can be made up to 90 days in advance of your arrival date.
  2. There is a limit of five campsite reservations per transaction.
  3. The maximum stay is twenty-one(21) consecutive nights.
  4. "SLIDING" (repeatedly advancing a campsite reservation beyond the 90 day window) is not permitted, as it circumvents the principle of fair access to all. Persons engaging in sliding may have their reservation cancelled.

    To prevent "SLIDING" you cannot make changes to your reservation until your departure date falls within 90 days of today's date.
  5. No more than six people may occupy a campsite, unless they are all members of a single family unit.
  6. You may book only one camping accommodation unit per campsite at time of reservation. Additional units may be added at check-in. An additional camping fee is charged for additional accommodation units and/or tents on a campsite.
  7. There is a $12 non-refundable reservation fee per reserved campsite, and a $5 non-refundable change fee for any modifications to a site in your reservation.  Additionally, to prevent abuse, of the 90 day window, a 50% of each site's price per-day-removed, non-refundable, change fee will be applied for reservation change(s) resulting in advancement of greater than one day from the original beginning of a reservation.
  8. If a cancellation is made more than 72 hours before check-in time of the scheduled arrival date, the standard camping fees will be refunded.

  9. If a cancellation is made less than 72 hours before check-in time of the scheduled arrival date, two nights camping fee will be forfeited.  Any remaining camping fees will be refunded.

  10. Full pre-payment of all reservation charges and fees is required at time of reservation.
  11. Discounts, such as seniors discounts, cannot be processed when making reservations; applicable discounts are processed at check-in.
  12. Camping reservation holders are responsible for the actions of all camping party members and any visitors to their campsite.
  13. Guaranteed check-in time is 4 PM.
  14. Check-out time is 2 PM.
      Please note, to ensure the best possible service to our guests we're changing the check-out time from 2PM to 1PM.
    This adjustment will be in effect as of MAY 1, 2020.

  15. Mount Kidd RV Park will not provide refunds for anything beyond our control; such as, but not limited to: inclement weather, family emergencies, evictions, environmental disasters, etc.
  16. Only the person whose name is on the reservation has access to change or cancel a reservation. When contacting us via email, about a reservation, it must be from the registered email of the reservation holder's account.


UNITS: All additional camping units receive a $10.00 discount per unit per night from the above rates.
TENTS: All additional tents (except cooking tents and tents accommodating youths under 16 years of age) are subject to a $12.00 charge per night.

We allow 2 additional units, including RV’s, storage tents, and children's tents, to a maximum of 3 camping units, in total, per campsite.  Additional units are paid for upon arrival of extra units.  Absolutely no exceptions. Please ensure you book an adequate number of campsites.

Important: Any fees for additional units that remain unpaid at the time of departure will automatically be applied to the default credit card on file, or the credit card used to secure the reservation if no default credit card exists.  You may request that additional unit fees are paid by other means (e.g. other credit card, cash, debit) prior to departure.

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